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crown molding

Crown molding is a specialized trim border that adds an architectural element to the point at which the walls meet the ceiling. Think of it as the cousin of the baseboards, except located higher up. There are many different types of moldings, but we’re here to help you pick the one with the right style and dimension for your home.

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When you’re looking for crown molding installation in San Antonio, it’s important to find a skilled carpenter. Getting the angles right matters when you can look up and see any imperfection. Nailing the crown molding to your home’s existing studs and drywall with air powered finish nailers will keep it from falling down. Caulking and painting are the final touches to a professional crown molding job.

Concerns when installing crown molding can include:

  • Selecting the appropriate trim
  • Deciding on strategies for corners, joints, or end-caps
  • Reaching ceilings greater than 10 feet
  • Ensuring proper angles on difficult joints
  • Repairing drywall or ceiling texture

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Post Author: Carlos Perez