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Finding a professional trim carpenter in San Antonio can be difficult. Many handymen can successfully install baseboards, crown molding, and other trim in your home, but sometimes hiring a specialized trim carpenter can save you from undesired results.

Trim carpenters usually work with the various moldings of your home. We have the right tools, saws and equipment to get perfect cuts and preserve materials. Whether you have a historic home, or a

There are baseboards between the floor and the wall. Crown moulding lies between the walls and the ceiling. The are various types of moldings placed around doors and windows, but the design of those varies based on the home-owner’s preferences. Staircases, railings, ceilings, shelves, and built-in furniture all become opportunities to add architectural elements with a professional finish carpenter.

We can come asses your the trim in your room (or the lack thereof) and give you a fair price for PROPERLY installing the trim & moldings. If you have a custom idea for ceilings, stairs, railings, wainscoting, or furniture, please let us know!

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Post Author: Carlos Perez