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Let’s assemble your life and furniture ASAP!

Wayfair constantly has specials on furniture, making it easy and affordable to find quality furniture for your bedroom or living room. The only problem is, how do you assemble it when you have a busy work schedule and a family?

Don’t worry, we can help. We’ve assembled hundreds of pieces of furniture from Wayfair in San Antonio. Wayfair often advertises assembly from various sites like HANDY or TASKRABBIT. Oftentimes, customers can be dissatisfied with the results from unskilled and underpaid gig economy workers from these sites.

Choose a local, independent assembler like us. Either Carlos or Shea can come put together your furniture very quickly. Save yourself the brain bandwidth and relationship arguments!

Don’t overpay when you’ve already spent on buying and shipping the furniture from Wayfair. We are experts in furniture assembly from Wayfair in San Antonio. Contact us now!

Email us here or call us at (210) 570-9070;

Post Author: Carlos Perez