Carlos Perez

Hi, I’m Carlos Perez. My friend Shea and I have known eachother for 8 years after meeting in the advertising and art world. I had a technical background with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of Texas. We both shared a passion for home improvement projects.

Shea McGilvray

Hello! I’m Shea McGilvray. First and foremost, I’m a proud husband and father to two wonderful children. When I recently went to a management and leadership retreat, the leader wanted to know my super power. I thought about my positive traits like good communication, professional knowledge, and carpentry skills. I think what sets me apart as a home remodeling professional is my desire to get the job done right. If I’m working on your house, I’m going to treat it like it is my own.

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It is our goal to provide quality remodeling, maintenance and repairs at a reasonable price to consumers. In South Texas, our houses are built to survive the hot summers and heavy showers of fall and spring. Sometimes it even freezes in winter. Let’s prepare your house to look great and stand up against the seasonal challenges of South Texas.