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The baseboards that surround your room are an important architectural feature that complete a room. They also happen to be a feature that can easily be damaged by moving furniture or a bored dog.

Give us a call if you’d like to have us install baseboards in your room or home at (210) 570-9070.

We offer transparent pricing that factors in our professional team of carpenters AND your budget. Whether we are cutting complex outer angles, or trimming out a simple room, we take the time to paint, cut, and caulk during your baseboard installation project.

Make sure you are paying for quality and defining the scope of your job. Our small company does it right because we aren’t a national company outsourcing YOUR work to under-skilled laborers.

There are many different styles of trim and baseboards available in San Antonio. Some of our clients require quarter-round molding to finish a new flooring installation. Others want dark trim, custom painted for a unique library, study or living room. Finding a quality baseboard installation professional in San Antonio can be tough, but we go the extra mile to ensure that the project is done right.

Get the look that you want. Call us at (210) 570-9070 today!

Call (210) 570-9070 today in order to schedule a free estimate. When you call us or email us, you’ll always get a real person, not some call center based in California. Read more about our small business here.

Post Author: Carlos Perez